John John se hizo con el Volcom Pipe Pro 2015

El surfista John John Florence se hizo este año con el trofeo. Como cada año el campeonato dejó grandes imágenes, videos espectaculares y muchas ganas de surfear. Si queréis asistir al del año que viene, no dudéis en entrar a la página web del Volcom Pipe Pro 2015 y apuntaros en el sorteo que hacen para asistir al 2016.

The 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro, a WSL QS 3000 rated event, is set to begin Thursday, January 29th at the World Famous Banzai Pipeline. 112 world-class surfing “Warriors” from all over the globe will be fighting for a $100,000 prize purse and up to 3,000 QS points to kick off their season. To ensure that these Warriors are able to do battle in optimum wave and weather conditions, the competition will only run on the best days within the 11-day waiting period, which ends February 8th. This has been a very exciting winter on the North Shore, and looking at, who is the official forecaster of the 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro, we can see that there is still plenty of surf on the way.

The Volcom Pipe Pro is always a special event for the local Hawaiian competitors with the contest being held at one of their most treasured surf spots, not to mention it being a gateway event for non-World Tour surfers to compete in the prestigious Pipe Masters. The top 16 Hawaiians from the Volcom Pipe Pro will be sent into the $100,000 Pipe Invitational, which serves as the trials for the Pipe Masters, held on the first day of contestable surf within the event window.

Vía Volcom

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